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We offer solar equipment for people who have decided to install solar themselves. You won’t find a better price for solar equipment, home security systems, or home automation anywhere. We answer the phone from 8-8 and we always welcome an invitation to provide an in-home consultation in the Phoenix area.

Solar technology, home security systems, and home automation: Combine them, and you have a “Smart Home”. Until a few years ago, smart homes were preserved for the rich and famous. Celebs could be seen on MTV Cribs with a large remote control that could control every aspect of the home.

As technology has developed and solar continues to be more and more useful and less expensive, home automation is on the rise. Perhaps because of its tremendous benefits in regard to home efficiency and peace of mind. Although the idea of a giant remote control seems pretty cool if you live in a mansion, we think we have a better idea. The most obvious answer, is your smartphone.

With a complete system from AutomaTech Home Services LLC, you can turn your lights on and off, lock your doors, control your thermostat, view your security cameras, and even have a conversation with someone inside your home over your cellular alarm panel centrally located within. If you suspect someone is in your home that should not be there you can dial into your system and make an announcement over the central panel that you have called the police and they are on their way.

If someone in your family is experiencing an emergency, they can hit their personal panic button to notify the system administrators (homeowners probably) of the issue. Hearing the voice of a loved one in the home with them makes a huge difference and could help calm a person when they’re scared.

started in 2017

We combine solar technology with home security systems and home automation for the absolute best, most efficient, most secure home you can have. The best part about this is, when you buy it from AutomaTech Home Services LLC, the cash price is low and we have easy financing available.

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To order, simply call us at (800)571-4514. Feel free to call with any questions. We are always here to help. At AutomaTech Home Services LLC we are dedicated to helping people get off the grid if they want. Stop throwing your hard-earned money away to utility and security companies who will charge you monthly. In my experience, most home owners want to monitor their own cameras and alarms. We will show you how to do this and more with your new system.

No one knows what will unfold in this world over the coming years. What is important is that you’re prepared. An off-the-grid solar, security, and home automation system it is completely independent of any outside resources. You are completely capable of powering and securing your home without paying anyone a monthly fee. Our solar and home automation systems are priced to sell to the average home owner for cash. My competitors have systems like these priced at upwards of $20,000-$30,000 for an average-sized solar system. Also, if you have an alarm system, there is a monitoring cost that is involved when you buy the system.

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We have no contracts to sign. Simply Call Us so we can help you select what equipment to use and give you a cash price quote. You can pay right over the phone, or select one of our easy financing methods.

Of course, we have full residential or commercial solar systems equipment, but we also provide everything from solar cell phone chargers and small power banks to solar hot water heaters and solar pool pumps. Also, we have water filtration systems, solar air conditioning units, and electric cars priced at astoundingly low prices. If you want to get off the grid, AutomaTech Home Services is the company you need to consult with. We will write you up an estimate for everything combined including your new electric car, and you still won’t pay as much as you would pay just to buy solar from one of my competitors.
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