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Welcome to Automa Tech Home Services LLC


Experience the convenience, energy savings, and enhanced ambiance of lighting automation with AutomaTech. Our innovative products are designed to transform your home into a smart and efficient living space. This smart lighting control systems provide easy management and customization of your home’s lighting. Whether you prefer a cozy evening atmosphere or a bright daytime setting, our lighting automation solutions offer seamless control and flexibility.
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Smart Lighting

Get started easily with Philips Hue Smart Lights and set the perfect mood with 16 million colors. Control your lights effortlessly using your mobile device or voice assistant of choice. Simply add up to 10 Hue Bluetooth/Zigbee smart bulbs with the free Hue Bluetooth app, and when you’re ready, connect a voice assistant through the Hue App settings. If you’re a previous Hue customer, this smart light is also compatible with the Hue Hub (included), allowing you to control up to 50 smart lights throughout your home, including outdoor lights. Create timers, routines, and automate your entire smart home lighting setup. Enjoy limitless possibilities with 16 million colors and shades of white, and control your Hue Color lights remotely with your smartphone or tablet. Set custom light scenes to energize your mornings, have lights automatically detect your arrival, or gradually dim them as you prepare for bed. Expand your Philips Hue ecosystem by adding more light points and accessories, such as the Hue Tap switch for convenient control without your smartphone, or the Hue Play for creating the perfect ambiance for your favorite shows.


Smart Dimmer Light Switch

Upgrade your smart home effortlessly with the Cync smart dimmer light switch, allowing you to transform traditional bulbs into smart ones. Easily control your lights from the switch itself or through the user-friendly Cync App, where you can utilize scheduling and scenes for personalized lighting experiences. Experience convenience and comfort by adding WiFi Dimmer Light Switches to your home, enabling dimming capabilities, out-of-home control, and scheduling features. The installation process is straightforward and can be done by yourself or with professional assistance. This switch is compatible with Alexa and Google Home for seamless voice control (devices sold separately). Set schedules to automate your lights and save energy, ensuring your home is well-lit when you need it and conserving energy when you’re away. Please note that packaging may vary as the brand transitions from ‘C by GE’ to CYNC.


Glow LED Smart Bulb

Energy-efficient LED bulbs that connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Control your lighting remotely through a dedicated app, featuring dimming capabilities, adjustable color temperatures, and compatibility with voice assistants. Experience convenience and flexibility in illuminating your home.

Discover the convenience and versatility of lighting automation with Automa Tech Home Services LLC. Our cutting-edge solutions put you in control, allowing you to elevate your home’s lighting to new heights of comfort and efficiency. Say goodbye to traditional switches and embrace the future of lighting automation. Trust us to provide reliable home security and automation solutions that transform your living space into a smart and efficient haven.