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Welcome to Automa Tech Home Services LLC, your trusted provider of home security and automation solutions. As part of our commitment to enhancing the safety and convenience of your home, we offer cutting-edge door lock automation systems. With our advanced door lock solutions, you can enjoy seamless access control, enhanced security, and peace of mind.Door lock automation is revolutionizing the way we secure our homes, and Automa Tech is proud to offer a range of innovative products in this field. Our automation solutions include smart door locks that allow you to control and monitor your door locks remotely using a mobile app or voice commands. With Automa Tech’s door lock automation systems, you can say goodbye to traditional keys and enjoy the convenience of keyless entry.
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Door Lock

Smart Door Lock

This intelligent and secure door lock combines advanced encryption technology with convenience features. With the Smart Door Lock, you can lock or unlock your doors remotely, grant temporary access to guests or service providers, and receive real-time notifications of door activity. Additionally, it can integrate with other smart home devices, such as security cameras or door sensors, to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Door Lock

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock

Introducing the Halo Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock. It’s the uncomplicated way to get smart lock security and smart home convenience using your home’s existing Wi-Fi router. Operate, manage, and monitor the lock with your smartphone using the Kwikset app from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a keyless entry electronic deadbolt featuring SmartKey. Using the Kwikset App, you can lock/unlock, program up to 250 user access codes, and receive notifications from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This single-cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked by using the keypad or key from the outside as well as the turn button from the inside. The rich tones of Iron Black add the finishing touch to this product. The Iron Black finish provides a rich and warm complement to the product style patible phone devices include- Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7S, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPad Air 2, Apple iPad Pro, LG G7 ThinQ, Google Pixel 2XL, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 3XL, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, Samsung M30, OnePlus 6, Motorola Moto X, Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Door Lock

Secure Biometric Door Lock

Introducing a versatile smart lock for home, office, and rentals, offering high security and reliability. Unlock using PIN, fingerprint, smartphone app, voice control, QR code, or key. Enhanced security with a peek-proof digital keypad and quick access through fingerprint recognition. Real-time monitoring and alerts, customizable auto-locking, and easy granting of access through eKeys and offline codes. Simple DIY installation, rekeying capability, and backed by a warranty for mechanical, finish, and electronics, plus lifetime technical support.
At Automa Tech, we understand the importance of compatibility and integration with other smart home devices. That’s why the door lock automation solutions seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With this compatibility, you can control your door locks using voice commands, create custom routines, and enjoy a connected home experience that brings together your door lock automation with other smart devices.

Our advanced solutions offer seamless access control, enhanced security features, and integration capabilities to transform your home’s entry points. Say goodbye to traditional keys and embrace the future of smart door lock automation.